Services Offered

The core service that we provide is the pumping of On-Site Septic Systems on Vashon and Maury Islands. Our goal has always been to offer timely, personal, and affordable septic tank service with honesty and respect for our Island home and our customers. With that as our goal, we strive to pump systems when they are ready to be pumped.

Septic system usage varies a great deal from home to home, depending on the number of occupants, how often the home is occupied, etc. Due to this, we do not typically recommend a standard pumping schedule of 3 years or 4 years. Instead, when we come to look at your system, we utilize a tool called a sludge judge to measure the level of the solids and scum layer in your tank. If those levels are close to or at the recommended levels for tank capacity set by King County, then we pump your tank. If not, we set a new estimate for a date to pump.

As a service to our customers, we send out reminder cards to you when your recommended pumping date has been reached. That way, you know it is likely time and you can call and schedule our next visit at your convenience.

Removing Soil for Tank Access:

While newer constructed On-Site Septic Systems typically have the tank access lids at grade and no soil removal is required, that is not the case for most older systems. For those systems, in the course of having your septic tank pumped, the soil above and approximately 6 inches surrounding each of your septic system lids must be removed in order to access and clean your tanks properly.

This is an additional service that we can provide to you. Our team makes every effort to neatly remove the landscaping and soil over the lids and then to replace it in the best manner possible to re-establish your landscaping as quickly as possible. We are also happy to provide any lid location coordinates that we have in our database if you prefer to expose the lids yourself.

Consultation on Septic & Pumping Related Matters:

There are times when you simply may not know who to call. We are a good place to start. Whether your pump tank alarm is going off, you have water surfacing in your yard, slowing or backing up of your drains, or you have a question about what plantings are advisable near your septic system, a call to us is a great place to start. We are happy to consult over the phone and often can point you in the right direction from there.

If we are unable to do so, our team can make a house call and see if we can set things right for you. Our licensing as septic pumper haulers allows us to unclog an inlet, clean a filter, and fix other simple problems of like variety for you. If it falls outside of our scope, we have a list of on island septic installers, plumbers, and other professionals that we are confident in referring you to.

We are also happy to consult with you on your system for landscape planning, your personal septic education, or any other septic related matters.

Tank Location Service:

We have made every effort to maintain in our database the locations of each of the tanks that we have pumped over the years to allow us to serve you with the least disruption to your landscaping possible. While the points of reference can sometimes change due to system upgrade, construction, or landscaping changes, these locations are typically accurate and to the center of each of the lids on your tank(s). We are happy to share the location of your tank with you should you need that for landscaping or other planning purposes.

If yours is one of the, relatively few, tanks on the island that we have never pumped and do not have a location for, we can locate the tank for you. Our team is often able to locate the tank through experience and informed guess work combined with probing the ground to locate the tank itself. We have available to us also all of the Niece Design Group “As-Builts” (drawings of your system as it was built) and can access any as-built King County has on file for your system to assist us as well.

However, when that educated guesswork or an unusually placed tank and/or system does not allow our team to readily locate the tank, our Radio Direction Finder (RDF) system is a terrific tool and service that we have available for you. A flushable devise, affectionately called a Sewer Rat, can be tracked through your system to the septic tank thus allowing us to locate your tank.